Wearing my best colors…..and it has nothing to do with color analysis


In my quest to understand myself better, I have come to the conclusion that none, I repeat, NONE of us can be labelled as a season or a color palette, a temperament or a series of letters. We are all different, gloriously different, and cannot be categorized. My time spent on finding the truth of how to classify myself has been in vain. I am neither Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. I am not Soft Autumn or Light Summer or Bright Winter because in truth, I am all of them. Some days I want to feel languorous and wear my long flowing gray cardigan. Other days, I need a pick-me-up and put on my fuchsia colored blouse. And when I want to get much done, I will don my rust colored shirt with my faded blue jeans and get busy living my life, to the absolute fullest. I AM more than the sum of my parts. I will no longer chase after such knowledge because it is fruitless. It is not science. It can be mis-classified due to any number of reasons. How I see myself is usually completely different from how others see me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say.

I have diligently tried to understand myself looking outwards when in reality, I should have turned 180 degrees and looked within. Does it really matter, in the grand scheme of things, if wearing yellow blends completely with my skin tone? Doesn’t it matter more about how I feel when I wear yellow or purple or green? All of us end up attaching a feeling or emotion to certain things. I think that we are most drawn to the colors that help us look the best anyway. It’s been interesting. It’s been entertaining, but that’s all it is. Entertainment at best with no substance of which it can stand on its own. My job on this Earth is to find my purpose, get on my path and fulfill my life’s reason for being here. My calling is to be a beacon of hope to others. To build others up; to inspire; to teach; to counsel. To help others become the best version of who they are. That’s my purpose. That’s it. That’s as simple as it is. Why did it take me so long to figure that out? I don’t want to waste time contemplating my psyche. It is what it is. Now. the time has come for me to step out in faith, show up for work, and help as many people as possible. I will no longer search outside of myself for the answers. The answers that I seek are already inside of me. All I have to do is allow my instinct to guide me. My so-called flaws are gifts in disguise. I accept myself for who I am. I love myself just as I am. Now…..to help others along the way.

Embracing My Sanguinity


I have intensely studied human behavior over the last couple of years. The funny thing is, I’m not taking classes in Psychology or any other Sociology class for that matter. I happen to enjoy reading about people. Sounds weird, huh? Yeah, well that’s me. Anyway, during the course of absorbing any and all information available to me, I have discovered that my temperament most closely matches that of a Sanguine. Sanguines are happy, cheerful, optimistic, and are usually juggling a bucket-load of ideas between missing important appointments and the ever-elusive car keys. My house is always “in progress,” meaning that it’s messy. I have lots of projects going on at the same time and most of them are unfinished. But……I have amazing ideas. I AM the IDEA person. Give me a problem and I will come up with three dozen creative solutions. Some are crazy, most are plausible and one or two are downright outrageous, but I guarantee you that I will make it fun. I guess you could say that I really enjoy the journey/process.

I love getting a good deal. I am a bit stingy with my money, but once I find exactly what I am looking for I will splurge. I embrace change. In fact, I will change the layout of each room in my house several times a year. I am constantly purging my closets because I have learned that there has to be some sort of organization for the chaos. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to walk through the front door for the mess. My house is truly a reflection of what is going on inside my mind. If I could paint a visual of what goes on inside of my mind, it would look something like this: imagine a tornado that has touched ground, whirling around inside the funnel is a merry-go-round, a colorful carousel, crackling fireworks and a cacophony of sounds from a symphony orchestra where each musician is playing a different piece of music. That is what the inside of my brain looks and feels like. The only times that my mind settles down is when I am vigorously exercising or walking/hiking out in nature. Sitting completely still in the lotus position on a yoga mat for a dozen minutes does not work for me. I have to be able to freely move around. My body and my mind craves freedom.

Because I am always thinking ahead into the future, it’s hard for me to live in the “here and now.” I can do it, but I have to prepare ahead which does not come easy for me. Planning anything is hard for me. I don’t think that I have ever followed a recipe, word by word, before. I always ending changing something about it. I don’t put my makeup on the same way everyday. I have to change something about it, even it is only slightly different. Matching socks together while doing laundry? It doesn’t happen. I used to let the clean laundry pile up baskets for days just because I hated putting MATCHING socks together. I have since learned that all socks get thrown together. I do, however, separate them by person. I almost never write grocery lists because they feel so restrictive. I don’t like eating the same meals week after week anyway. I always want to eat something different.

I think I have painted my front door a different color 4 or 5 times over the last couple of years. Part of why I keep changing the color is because once I decide on a color palette and begin painting and decorating, before I even get finished, I find another color palette that I like better. Recently, it took me at least three weeks to pick out a new couch. I kept picking out one and placing in the “shopping cart” online only to go back a few hours later and second-guess my decision. Finally, I just bit the bullet, so to speak, and ordered one in the first color that I picked. It turned out great, but it has taken me years to even halfway trust my judgement. I have made many mistakes over the years, hence the reason that I am quite stingy with my money. I made so many money mistakes early on in my life. It’s quite dreadful to think about it.

Even though I have many flaws related to my temperament and personality, there are many positives, too. First and foremost, I am highly creative. I suppose that’s why everyone comes to me to help them figure out their problems. I am usually very upbeat and positive. I can laugh at myself. I can make the most mundane chores fun. I am not afraid to make a total fool of myself to get someone to cheer up and laugh. I am bold, quirky and a bit odd, at times. I chase after the proverbial pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I have lots of ideas and most of the time they work out. If not, then I try to learn the lesson and move on. Onwards and upwards is my motto. I am very expressive and it’s hard to hide my true feelings. I show on my face what I am feeling inside. That being said, I am learning day by day to embrace my sanguinity. There is genius in the chaos, if only one is willing to sort through the trail of mess.

To all my fellow Sanguines – I’m so glad you’re here. Feel free to respond to this post and share your experiences.




How to make a decision in the midst of emotional overload


How have I only just discovered that I have surrounded myself with emotionally vulnerable people? If I stop to think objectionably about my life, it is rife with needy people. How did this happen? It is as if I am everyone’s Dr. Ruth/Dear Abby. Now, what do I do about it?

It is no wonder that there is a feeling of deep-seated loneliness within. How do I fix this about myself? I am always “fixing” others problem, it seems. At the moment, I am facing a pivotal decision. It could change the course of my life forever. And, of course, everything I do, always affects others, too. If you believe in the proscribed philosophy of “like attracting like,” am I attracting needy people into my life? Why does it seem that I am the one who is constantly figuring out what other people should do? Why does anyone think that I have all the answers? I have lots of ideas, but that’s not the same thing. So, what do I do? If I could imagine myself, outside of myself, and coming to me with the problem of the moment, what advice would I give to myself?

  1. Put the kids’ needs first. What do they need? What could be done to ensure their safety and happiness and the overall outcome of their respective futures?
  2. What makes the most financial sense? Something has to give. There will be something that is sacrificed. Is it going to be money or family? Yes, you need money for your most basic needs. How much money do you really need?
  3. What about a support system? Who will support you? Where will you receive the most support? Your current situation or the one that you are considering?
  4. What about your own goals? Where can you grow professionally and personally the best? Where you are currently or where you are considering?
  5. What is the overall goal? Is it happiness? Staying together as a family, no matter what? Whose happiness comes first? Who will be negatively affected by this choice, if any? Will you rest easily at night knowing that your decision could be wrong? What if it turns out for the better?
  6. What are you willing to risk? What are you willing to sacrifice?
  7. Will you be able to live with your decision if things don’t turn out the way that you hoped for?
  8. Remember that whatever decision that you make, you are not perfect, you are human. Things may not turn out to be perfect, but they can become the best you could hope for, if you are willing to take a risk. Your decision could reap huge rewards or it could be disastrous. How will you ever know unless you try?
  9. Your body doesn’t lie. How do you physically feel when you consider each decision? Don’t listen to fear. It always lies. Really listen to your body. Do you clam up with dread when considering your decision? Or do you feel relaxed as if taking a deep breath? Do you feel nothing? Dig deeper.
  10. You already know the answer to your question. Be willing to be open and honest about how you feel, especially to yourself.  Seek the answers and be relentless in the pursuit of finding it. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Don’t stop. Don’t become apathetic or complacent. But don’t stress over it either.
  11. Trust that you will know. Believe that the Impossible can be made Possible. Hope for the best. Once you’ve made your decision, don’t waver. Make a final decision and stick to it. Know that you are doing your best and that’s all anyone could ever expect of you, especially you.
  12. If you find that you’ve made a mistake, go back through the steps above and figure out a way to fix it. You get to create your own reality. Don’t fret over bad decisions in the past. Each day you get another 24 hours to make a difference. You will make mistakes throughout life, but realize that you are learning and growing. Your experiences shape the person that you will become. Learn to laugh at yourself, learn the lesson and pick yourself back up. Repeat as often as necessary until you have the life that you have always imagined for yourself.

Hmmmm, it seems that I already know what to do. I will apply these steps in the decision making process and I will have an answer very soon. I need to realize that I am much stronger than I ever thought possible.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve……”



The Beginning of Anything you Want….


So I’ve been reflecting on everything that has happened in the last three months…..it’s been a roller coaster, merry-go-round, tilt-a-world combination ride. Wow! There have been more changes in these last few weeks than previous entire years. I had been hoping for a big change for some time, but never expected all of it to happen so quickly. However, I’ve been doing something here lately that is counterproductive. Instead of looking ahead and even just living in the present, I have been looking backwards. What have I missed in the process? I didn’t come this far to back down. I’m not going to. I refuse.

I’ve been asking myself questions about what I really want out of life, just for me. It’s been extremely difficult to figure that out. I have been a Mom for so long that it’s hard to know the answer to that question. I suppose the best way is to begin asking questions. What makes me happy? What have I always wanted to try but haven’t yet? What no longer serves a purpose for me? What can I live without? What must I add to my life? What makes time go by faster?

I think that I will make a list, a bucket list, if you will. I’m slowly learning that life is what you make of it. If you just let life take you wherever, whenever……….then you can’t really complain too much about it if you don’t like where you ended up. I have a tendency to think about things way too much, so much so, that I never finish anything. I over-analyze the crap out of everything. I want everything to be perfect and there is no such thing as perfection, yet I strive for it and cause myself agony in the process. So tomorrow……I will wake up, decide to make the most of the day and chase happiness all day long. I am going to fill myself up with joy until it is overflowing from me so that others around me will have no choice but to be happy, too.


Forgiveness – the path to healing and restoration

Forgiveness – the path to healing and restoration

Today, I am reading a book called, “A Course in Weight Loss, 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever,” by Marianne Williamson. I bought this book about 3 years ago. Like many other weight-loss books, fad diets and weight-loss recipes, I bought it with the intention of applying it to my life, but never actually took the time to do so. I was always in such a hurry to do the next thing in life. It’s like I went around acting as if I was getting ready to die and I needed to hurry and experience everything that I could. The problem was that I wasn’t actually living my life. I was storing up knowledge, but never taking the time to go through the motions required for real change. I would endeavor to say that my experience is like many of you, too. Somewhere along the way, each of us get caught up in the collective pace of humanity, which I think is set to the highest speed possible. Wouldn’t it be great if each of us could move a switch and set our own pace of living? Actually, we can. There are some aspects of life that require us to adapt, sure, but in the privacy of our homes and in the times when we are not working, we can adapt our lives to reflect our own personal choices. But how many of us take the time to actually do that? For most of us, we use substances to keep our bodies going when we really should slow down. Caffeine has been the drug of choice for most of the world. I’m not going to bash it entirely. I just enjoyed a steaming cup of Chai tea. Drinking a cup of it in the mornings helps to wake up my brain. But how many of us can say that we enjoy every single cup? Or every single serving of caffeinated beverages or food? I can’t say that. However, my daily intention is to enjoy what I put into my body. Why would any of us do anything otherwise?

Anyway, I digress…..back to the book. I found this book at a time when I absolutely needed it the most, but I didn’t read it. I had already found myself at the highest weight imaginable for my 4’11” frame at 272 pounds. I struggled to get through each day. I was tired all day and exhausted at night. I was miserable living in such a large body. I craved sweets and carbs. I also craved physical and emotional connection. I ate the most when I was lonely. I had many fears. To be honest, I didn’t really even understand where the fears came from and why I had so many. It wasn’t from a lack of trying to understand. I went through three years of counseling trying to figure out what made me so unhappy. I began to blame everybody in my life that contributed to my unhappiness. I became bitter and full of anger and at the same time, I craved intimacy. I wanted someone to love me, but most of all, I wanted to love myself. I wanted to feel worthy. For whatever reason, I wasn’t ready to accept the words inside the book. I tried reading it, but couldn’t get past the first chapter. Maybe it was because I saw so much truth in what she wrote and I couldn’t accept it about myself. I wasn’t ready. It would take weight loss surgery and the subsequent weight loss before I could even begin to open the book up again. It’s like I had closed the book on myself. I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror. All that I saw was loathing and disgust. I didn’t love my body. I had to collapse into failing health before I was able to make any change. I saw my children growing up without their mom and that set me into motion to do something about my weight.

The following words have hit home with me. We are not separate body parts to treat or diagnose. We are many parts of one body. If one aspect of our bodies, say, the spiritual side, is not begin fed, then we are going to suffer either in our physical or mental bodies. We have to learn to differentiate what part of us is hungry. If we are truly physically hungry, then we give our bodies actual food. If we are conscious of how different foods react in a biological way that can affect our mental or spiritual bodies, then we begin to choose better foods to fill up our physical bodies. The same philosophy applies to spiritual food and mental food. What do we do to feed our spiritual selves? Do we find inspiring books to read? Pray? Meditate? There are many forms of meditation. I have found that the best form of meditation for me is “walking” meditation. My mind will stop spinning off of its axis when I am walking out in nature. If God created the beauty of nature and it has no conscious thought to please God, what more will He do for us who seek to please Him? And, what about our “mental” bodies? Do we take time for ourselves everyday? Do we get enough sleep? Do we participate in a hobby that makes us truly happy? Do we engage with others in a meaningful and fulfilling way? How often do we get out with friends and enjoy the day?

Ms. Williamson wrote a passage about fear that really resonated with me. She wrote, “Fear is a psychic tyrant that has no intention of letting its slave go free.” How profound! I began to realize that Fear is like a separate entity for most of us. It can attach itself to us and make us miserable, if we let it in. We must treat it as an unwanted guest, but with a commanding demeanor not born out of hatred or anger, but out of authority and respect for ourselves. We must remove fear from our lives. We cannot enjoy our lives as long as fear follows us around like the life-sucker that it is. We must remove it from our thoughts and vocabulary. We must realize that we no longer bow down to fear. We are no longer enslaved by its tentacles of doom.

In order to fully move forward in life we have to forgive. We have to forgive ourselves for the unhealthy way in which we have treated our bodies. What is passed is in the past. We can’t go back and fix anything. We can only live in the moment and choose the outcome of tomorrow as best as we can by making healthy choices today. We have to be willing to let go of the hurt, anger, frustration, fear, and self-loathing. Today is a new day. Let yesterday be but a memory. Let it go. It has no power over you. You are not the same person as you were yesterday. Choose to evolve. Learn to adapt. Settle into the new patterns of what makes you truly happy. Accept nothing less than what you truly desire in life. If you don’t fully know what makes you happy, then begin experimenting today. Make a list of things that you might be interested in learning about and go through them, checking them off, one by one, as you would a shopping list. We have to allow healing to take place within ourselves, if we want true salvation from our addictive behaviors. Healing cannot take place without forgiveness. It is extremely important to forgive others, but have you forgiven yourself, too?



FEAR – The most vile of 4-letter words


In my opinion, fear is the culprit for mass dysfunction. It is what breeds with hate and begets wrath. It is the creator of misery. It robs us of joy and contentment. It keeps us up late at night trying to predict the future, which we have no way of knowing the outcome. It is my belief that we create our lives through our thoughts. Obviously, there are some instances, probably even every-day instances, of events that are beyond our control. But, we still have control over how we react or choose to not react. Ultimately, it comes down to choice. Do you choose to live in fear and worry over every little thing that could go wrong? Or do you choose to live your life as an adventure? Your life is simply that, yours. You are the author of your story. You get to choose where you want to go and what you want to do. Do what makes you happy. Keep your eyes upon the path, your path. And whatever you do, banish the word “fear” from your vocabulary. Don’t allow yourself to even utter the words, “fear,” “afraid,” “worry,” “can’t.” That will be my goal for the day – each time that I think or begin to say any of the words above, I will replace them with “confident,” “hopeful,” “believe,” and “can.”

Let’s all make the day count. Complete your tasks for the day or not. Take a day off, lie around and be lazy or go for a walk in nature. Choose the outcome of today. What if today were your last day on Earth? What would you do to enjoy yourself? Whatever you do, embrace this day, this hour, this moment because it is the only one that you have. None of us are promised tomorrow. Let’s enjoy the day and be thankful for what we have, just for this day. Remember to continue collecting photos for your vision board. I’m calling this art therapy. I think all of us need to revisit our inner child every once in a while if only to remind us that we are still learning about life, no matter our age. Life is journey, let’s treat it like one.

Love & Peace,

May you find it, embrace it and spread it around.:)



HOPE for your Journey


I’ve decided to do things a little differently. I’m going to focus on self improvement for a while. It seems that I’ve been doing this all along. I originally intended for this site to be all about food, specifically recipes for those of us who have undergone weight loss surgery. In my quest to find the best advice to bestow upon others I realized that I have to go deep into the root cause of the weight gain in the first place. Otherwise, I would only be putting a band-aid on a much bigger problem. The band-aid would eventually fall off and there would be a a half-healed scab underneath that is still raw and vulnerable. This blog, like me. is ever-evolving and hopefully we both will become a beacon of hope to others. It is my deepest desire to help others. I know about struggle. I know about pain. I know what it is like to feel stuck with no hope in sight. I am living proof that things can get better. You can become everything in your heart’s desire, but the first step is to have HOPE. You have to believe that you are worthy to have what you want. You have to believe before you can have hope. So, let’s start there.

I decided to go through my library of books this morning and found one that I haven’t read in a while called, “Simple Abundance – A Daybook of Comfort and Joy” by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I have read the book at least three times, but I’m going through it again. I want to share what I read today as a synopsis. (The following words are my own, so please don’t comment to me about copyright infringement. This is purely my understanding and interpretation). The first entry is about starting a new chapter in life in the New Year. All of us should ask ourselves what we most hope for in life? Instead of writing resolutions that most of us will have abandoned by February, let us write down what we most want and allow ourselves to imagine the possibilities. First and foremost, we must believe in ourselves. Believe that the impossible can be made POSSIBLE. Try to imagine your life without applying any emotion to the thoughts that come. Just grab a pen or your laptop, whatever method you prefer, and either write or type whatever comes to mind. Don’t worry about how grandiose or lackluster your dreams look like. They are YOUR dreams after all. What have you always aspired to become? What are your most secret desires? Don’t think about what you need to do to make them become reality. We are in the “seeking” stage. Most of us have been so busy living our daily lives that we have forgotten what we really want just for ourselves.

So for today, just ask yourself one question: “What do I hope for?” You might want to set the tone of your mind and for your environment before you embark upon this journey. Before writing this post, I waited until the rest of the family has pretty well began slowing down for the night. I came to my room, lit my favorite pumpkin scented candle. Cleaned the clutter of the room and arranged my plethora of pillows on the bed to create a soft support for my back as I type on my laptop. I have some George Winston piano music playing softly in the background. It is completely quiet except for the soothing sounds of ivory. Find whatever makes you happy. Play your favorite music or not. Lower the lighting. Take a lavender-scented bubble bath. Allow yourself to completely relax and the ideas will come. Believe that the ideas will come, even if it takes a few days. You will get the answers that you seek. Once you discover what your heart’s desire is, start collecting pictures of what you want your new life to look like. Once we have collected several pictures, let’s start putting them in a scrapbook or on a poster. This will become a vision board. Hang your board where you will see it often to remind you of what you hope for, what your dreams are.

Well, that’s all for now. I am off to begin going through some pictures. Tomorrow I will start putting together a collage of photos for my vision board.

stock-footage-successful-woman-raising-hands-on-the-top-of-mountainOn a health-conscious note, let’s all of us vow to drink more water everyday. The next time you think you are hungry, ask yourself if you are really hungry or do you just need something to drink. Staying hydrated can help you maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day. Keeping dehydration at bay can help stave off migraine headaches and help keep blood pressure levels in a healthy range. We can do this together. May you have HOPE for your journey and find what truly makes you happy.


Peace & Love,

May you find it, embrace it and pass it around.

Message to the Little Girl Inside


As I close my eyes, I envision a little girl about the age of six. She’s a little shy upon first meeting her. She seems to be a little uncertain about meeting new people, maybe even a little scared. I imagine walking into a room. It has beautifully restored hardwood floors with just a slight aged patina that adds a homey effect. There is a stone fireplace with a small fire flaming from inside the hearth, giving the room a soft glow of ambient light. I find myself drawn to an overstuffed sofa with lots of comfortable pillows in soft colors scattered about. There is a feeling of overwhelming peace in the room. I sit quietly and begin to relax and close my eyes.

Sensing no ill feelings of harm from me, the little girl approaches me. When I open my eyes she is standing in front of me. She has soft, gray doe eyes and long sandy blonde hair. She has a delicate oval-shaped face and creamy porcelain skin. She has no idea how beautiful she is. She is completely unaware of how her calming presence affects the adults around her. Her demeanor reminds me of a skittish colt; unsteadily standing on shaky legs at birth, but then one day becoming a majestically beautiful creature. The lighting in the room slowly becomes a bit brighter so that she can fully see me. She looks into my face with an intense stare as if she can see into my very soul. There is something profound about this little girl. She is an old soul. I can feel the empathy flowing from her to me. She is sensitive, indeed. I can feel how she is so affected by the all the sights, sounds and smells around her. They overwhelm her at times. What overwhelms her even more is the vibrations of energy that exudes from people, their thoughts and feelings creating an invisible web of emotions for those like her who are sensitive.

She places her tiny hand upon mine and suddenly I feel what she feels. We are connected. She reveals to me the things that scare her. Her father’s angry tone when he’s mad keeps her constantly worried that she has done something wrong. I can hear her mother’s voice telling her in hushed tones that she should be afraid of this or that. I see the shaming she has endured from her aunts and uncles for whatever reason, she doesn’t know. She doesn’t understand what is so wrong with her. She feels like she is lacking somehow, but doesn’t know how. She shows me her pet cat, the one that sleeps with her every night. I can feel the softness of her fur. Animals are drawn to this little girl and she has no idea why. They sense her gentle spirit. She is sometimes punished for being too weak. When life becomes overwhelming for her and she feels the need to cry, she must wait until she goes to bed at night where no one else can see or hear her. She also shows me some happy moments in her small life. She loves to be outside playing inside her own mind. She has a vivid imagination. She loves being outside in nature. The tall trees and soft earth of the forest feel peaceful to her fragile senses. She loves the color pink and it is, indeed, her color. It embodies everything sweet about this little girl. Her own little imaginative world is a secret though. She shows me many things from such a small girl. It’s almost like her life has been on auto-record from day one.

After a time, the little girl begins to ask me questions. Who am I?  Where did I come from? I explain to her that I am her, all grown up. She looks at me with a quizzical look, trying to understand what I’ve just told her. How can that be? Are you going to take me with you? I explain to her that she will become me one day, but she has to stay a little girl for now. She suddenly hugs me and doesn’t want to let go of me. I pour out all the love that I can and hope that it’s enough to fill her up for a lifetime. I want her to feel loved and accepted for who she is. I don’t want her to ever feel scared again. I want her to pursue courage and strength as if it is a pot of gold at the end of a beautiful rainbow. I want her to never stop looking for it and when she finds it, I want her to hold on to it tight and never let anyone take it from her. I want her to see how beautiful she is, inside and out. I tell her that she shouldn’t listen to anyone her tells her otherwise. I tell her that she is intelligent and multi-talented and has much to offer the world. I tell her to remember that she will always be loved because she was created from love.

She finally pulls away from me. Through tears of relief, she smiles at me, suddenly understanding everything that I’ve just told her. She knows that she is going to have some uphill battles in the days to come, but in the end, she will be okay. I’ve promised her that angels will help her throughout her life. She need not ever worry or be afraid because they will be with her always. I tell her that one day she will be surrounded by love from her own children. Someday she will get to tell them how beautiful they are, inside and out, and she will get to love them the way she wishes that she had been loved. As I stand up, she hugs me one last time. Her fragility is already falling away and there is a new shield around her called Strength. As I turn to go, I notice two figures of opalescent light enter the room. The little girl suddenly brightens up, recognizing the two as her “imaginary” playmates. I watch her for a moment longer as I stand in the doorway. She is happily chattering away, already imagining what a wonderful life she is going to have. I walk away and into the light. My purpose has been fulfilled. It’s time to open myself up to the wonderful life ahead, with Strength as my shield and Courage as my armor.


Pursue the Dream


Pursue the dream and never give up hope that your dreams can and will come true. Don’t give up even if they become deferred for a time. Keep plugging away. Failure is a part of the path to success. It’s not if failure raises its ugly head, it’s when. Then the lesson transforms into persistence and determination. How bad do you want it? Do you want to make $xxxxx.xx a month working for yourself, setting your own schedule? Or do you want to work for someone else who can fire you for any reason at any time, no matter your amount of devotions, loyalty and time?

Go Forth and Have No Fear……


Yesterday is a memory, nothing more. Sure, your actions of yesterday built the foundation of today, but yesterday has no hold on you. It is over. When you woke up, you were graced with an brand new day in which to work towards your goals. You have no room in your life for fear. It is the worst of the four-letter-words. It is a liar. You are so much more than that. You rise above fear. You face it head-on and you stand victorious upon its head with courage and strength. Now go forth with your day. Don’t allow fear, shame, doubt or regret in. You are wonderfully made and beautiful just the way you are. Love yourself and treat yourself with respect. If you fall down, stand back up and adjust your crown.